Welcome to the 100% Snowboard School in Val d'Isère...

...will help you fall in love with snowboarding.

We've been passionate about this for years and with our enthusiasm, we will make you smile, have fun and become as crazy about snowboarding

as we are.

It's our reason for being.

Unlimited progression adapted to your ability.

Our goals are yours, to learn without restraints.

We're about truly experiencing the mountain and its off-piste, we'll show you security measures, the equipment and how to use it and how to make the right choices for your safety.

How to ride the various terrains, tips, and techniques, helping you become responsible for yourself and others.

Snowboarding is an amazing adventure and we want to share it with you.

Contact :   


 Tel: +33 (0) 608 263 473    




73150 Val d'Isère (France)